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About Us

Baseball players making baseball bats- that’s DS Wood.


Baseball players making baseball bats.


After surviving a fire in June of 2015 that destroyed the entire DS Wood building and everything in it, DS Wood decided that it was time to start things over and do things the right way.  Re-establishing themselves took a lot more than just finding new equipment, it meant developing a new product also.  Since developing the NOVA Series finish, DS Wood bats has been tested and proven up against it's competition time and time again and has proven to be the hardest wood bats on the market!  While other's stay stagnant by using them same techniques over and over again, the NOVA Series goes beyond what any other has accomplished so far!  Dent resistant, scratch resistant, increases in durability, ball-exit speed, and distance, that's the difference with DS.



Simply put, DS Wood is just a couple of guys who have played the game and want to continue to develop the game as best they can.  Each bat is individually made with the utmost attention to detail that starts with the finest handpicked lumber and ends with the best finish in the world!



A love for the game. The finest craftsmanship. A product custom made for your specific needs.


DS Wood. Start Your Legacy.

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