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Wood Species

Ash is the "granddaddy" of the woods having been the oldest and most reliable wood used for the better part of the first century that our great game was being played.  Due to the structure of the grain's, ash is going to be able to flex more as the bat is going through the strike zone.  Much like that of a hockey player's stick during a slap shot, or a golfer's club during a tee shot, ash is going to provide a little extra "whip" right before contact is made.  Because the grains are naturally different than that of a birch or maple, overuse and not taking care of your bat properly, will lead to the process of delamination of the ash grains.  Simply put, your grains will being to separate over time.  There are ways to slow down this process however.  Thankfully, the NOVA Series finish has proven to reduce the process of delamination drastically! 


Maple is easily the most popular species of wood right on the wood bat market.  Having jumped onto the scene in the 80s, maple has rapidly increased in popularity over the past 30 years.  Known for it's higher tencile strength and it's "longer" durability, maple is typically the wood of choice on both the amateur and the professional scenes.  In an attempt to debunk some "common" knowledge, maple does NOT necessarily weigh heavier than ash.  Maple, however, does not have as much flex when going through the zone like that of an ash, or even the beginning usage of a birch. 


All of our wood is hand-selected so we can ensure the highest quality with every single piece!  By selecting each individual billet by hand, it guarantees that every piece of wood that you swing from DS is going to be certifiable my the highest standards in the wood bat industry!

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